SHEC - A Global Energy Solution
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It is time to make a difference in how the world produces energy.Imagine Solar Power 24 hours a day at prices competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

Who we are:

SHEC Energy is a renewable energy research laboratory which has been in operation since 1996.

We have been developing clean renewable energy solutions for humanities growing energy needs, atrulyglobal energy solution.

SHEC Energy Corporation has developed more than solar power technology. We also develop solar heating, energy controls, solar water purification and space based solar power applications.

Mission Statement:


Our mission and sole focus is to develop clean renewable sustainable energy solutions that are costcompetitive with traditional energy sources that cause global environmental damage. We want to create a clean sustainable energy future for our children.

SHEC Energy will deliver the highest value to our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders with innovative premier technology, marketing, distribution and services company globally.

Thanks to growing global awareness of energy and environmental issues, there are finally laws that will be enforced to change the ways we create energy from existing polluting fuels to cleaner renewable energy sources.

Now is the time to invest in energy, water, heat and conservation.

Have a Sunshine Day with SHEC Energy Corporation !

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