Solar Power 24 hours a day at prices competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

The Need:

The world is run primarily on non-renewable polluting fossil fuels. Air pollution kills 7 million people a year. Air pollution causes about one in eight deaths and has now become the single biggest environmental risk.(Source: Associated Press. London)

The Solution:

Low Cost Renewable Global Energy Solutions

We provide solar concentrators for process heating and CSP applications.

Ultra Lite Solar’s core business is developing innovative technologies for low cost concentrating solar energy. Applications include medium and high temperature solar thermal energy for Concentrated Solar Power and Process Heating applications.

The technology works by using air as a structural component. This enables a significant reduction in materials, design complexity and costs. To learn more click on the Technology link above.

For a better world . . .

We partner with you to deliver economical renewable energy solutions.

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10 Reasons why Ultra Lite Solar Concentrators are better

  1. Significant Cost advantage. Less than $0.01 / kWh (Low Temperature Thermal, under 200 C and around the 4-5 cent range / kWh for CSP).
  2. Light Weight structure. Lowers installation cost.
  3. Uses differential air pressure as a structural component. Contributes to lower lost and rigidstructure.
  4. Low Cost membrane reflector. Design permits the use of low cost reflective membranesthat would otherwise require very costly multilayer membrane reflectors.
  5. Metallization layer of the membrane reflector is in a dry air environment, greatly extendinglife cycle due to the reduction of moisture exposure.
  6. Transparent layer of the membrane forms an enclosed envelope for controlled internalatmosphere. This provides for the rigid shaping of the reflective surfaces with just airpressure.
  7. Peel and stick outer layer facilities rapid change of transparent layer when worn out by sanderosion.
  8. Laminar flow design neutralizes lift forces allowing the structure to operate in higher winds.
  9. The light weight and low load forces reduce foundation mounting costs. These can even beused with very lost cost screw foundation anchors.
  10. Linear receiver options include traditional evacuated tube receivers for high temperatureoperation and optionally a very low cost receiver for temperatures under 200 C, typical for many process heating applications.

In summary, less materials, easy to handle, less staff to set up, and it's attractive.

Over a 25 year lifespan with 6 kWh/m2/day, the thermal costs are about:

Assume: 6kWh/m2/day

28 m2 collection area

80% optical to thermal efficiency

Thermal energy produced per arrays:

= 134.4 kWh / day

= 49,056 kWh / Year

=1,226,400 kWh / 25 Years

$0.01 / kWh (Thermal) or about $0.05 kWh (Electric for CSP).

When comparing this to other forms of energy, it is quite economical.

The lifetime cost of electricity for PV by comparison is 12.5 cents per kWh.

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